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unwrapped gift

How to be selfishly kind this holiday season

How to have a mindful holiday season.
cool meerkat

How to react less and enjoy more this holiday season

Rate this article and enter to winThe holidays are coming up, and I know two things for certain: (1) My aunt will re-gift me an old book and pretend she bought it for me,...
Female meditating

Mind your mind: Stress less this holiday season

The semester is over. You’re supposed to head to your parents’ place today but you can’t locate your suitcase, let alone think about packing it. Remember where you parked your car? Better find out....
Woman eating salad

Season’s eatings: Healthy twists on holiday dishes

Rate this article and enter to winWhat is December about? For many of us: candle lighting, religious services, and gift giving. Also: pinatas, plates, and parties loaded with sweet treats and indulgences. “Small tweaks...